The winners

NU'EST Norway competition

So, the competition has come to an end, and with so we found our winners. I was supposed to announce the winners on december the 5th, so I’m really sorry for the delay, it won’t happen again.

This is the second competition I have done, and it has gone all over my expectations. You guys have shown great solidarity towards each other, and I like that. More than 300 people have entered the competition, from all over the world! I’m so glad to see there’s so many L.O.Λ.E.’s all over the world<3

But enough with that, I guess your’e interested in knowing who the winner(s) is, and I shall not keep you waiting anymore…

The winners is…

1st place emmaaazing
2nd place vivianhatsu
3rd place Naomi Ppyong

A big congratulations!

I feel really sad for all you guys who didn’t win anythingㅠㅠ I want to give you all something! BUT, there’s no reason to feel sad^^ I’m doing another competition in just a little while, and the prizes are huge, so stay tune^^

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