Beakho Profile PictureBorn in Jeju-do, Baekho went to the regional qualifying rounds for the cable channel Mnet‘s program “Superstar K” in Jeju-do and was casted on the spot. Leaving behind the friend with whom he had checked out the scene with him, he alone set off for Seoul and met success. He may have become a singer by the slightest coincidence, but he is second to none when it comes to his passion. Upon seeing such an image, his agency’s sunbae UEE even gave him the name ‘Baekho’ (which means white tiger).

“UEE sunbaenim thought that I gave off a charisma and passionate image similar to Kang Baekho from the manga ‘Slam Dunk’ and thus named me accordingly. Ever since I was young, I’ve always admired TVXQ sunbaenim. I admired all of their powerful stages. They are now no longer an object of envy but rather a goal I wish to jump over and achieve.“ – Baekho

Name: Kang Dong Ho
Stage Name: Baekho (white tiger)
Nickname: Eye-Smiled Prince
Birthday: July 21, 1995 // 17 years old (korean age) / 16 years old
Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer
Weight: 63 kg
Height: 179 cm
Bloodtype: AB
Ideal Girl: a girl who cooks well and has a lot of “aegyo”
Personality: Sexy and masculine with true loyalty. Deep brown colored eyes, charismatic masculine power vocals
Role Model: DBSK
Facts: Starred in After School’s “Play Ur Love” MV as the girl’s boyfriend. Appeared in KBS “Hello” with JR and was revealed by After School’s Kahi.

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  1. Hwang Choi

    If your name means white tiger what does the name ‘Choi’ mean? Can you tell me because me and ren could be great with being friends but yeah I’m really young, so if your going to ask me how old I am I am only 9 years old this year.

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