6th : KPOP20, BaekHo and JR are the MCs
7th : Movie Date in Busan & Kangreung
8th : Filming of short 3D video for Samsung
9th : Pre-recording for MTV Korea’s Studio C  ; Interview with Issue Daily, Sports Seoul and Newsen
10th : Recording Idol Championship
[INTERVIEW] Yoonhap News Sport and Khan
11th : Comeback
[INTERVIEW]  Sports world
[INTERVIEW] Gaon Chart
[INTERVIEW] Sport Donga
[INTERVIEW] Sport Korea
12th  :  [COMEBACK STAGE] Mnet M!CountDown
13th : [COMEBACK STAGE] KBS Music Bank
14th : [COMEBACK STAGE] MBC Music Core
15th : [COMEBACK STAGE] SBS Inkigayo
[MINI FAN MEETING] After Inkigayo
16th : MTV K-POP20
17th : Comeback Stage at Show Champion with After School & Hello Venus (at 7 pm)
19th : [PERF] Mnet CountDown
20th : [PERF] KBS Music Bank
[FANSIGN] at Kangnam Synnara record (8 pm)
21th [FANSIGN] at Ilsan Synnara (7:30 PM KST)
22th : [PERF] SBS Inkigayo
[FANSIGN] At Jongro
23th : MTV K-POP20
24th : MBC Show Champion
25th : [BROADCAST] MBCevery 1 Weekly Idol  (with Heelo Venus and after School) at 6 PM KST
29th : [CONCERT] K-Dream Live Concert at Tokyo Dome (Japan)
30th  : MTVKPOP20 (shooting), HUG (Baekho & Minhyun broadcasting)
31st : Minhyun & Ren on W Magazine


1st : Airiang TV Simply K_pop, ; MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol (Broadcasting)
2nd : SBS Young Street Radio (Broadcasting)
3rd : [FANSIGN] At Busan
4th : [FANSIGN] at Mokdong
10th : [CONFERENCE] Private press conference at their hotel at 10am.
[BROADCASTING] Tv program (Kon Doo Pen Yai) at 5pm
[CONFERENCE] Public press conference at Infinicity hall 5th floor (Siam Paragon)
[FANSIGN] at Infinicity hall for fans who bought a ticket : 3500 baht
11th : “NU’EST the first FACE to FACE in Thailand”
(more infos about this schedule)
13th : [RECORDING] for MBC “Music Core” Special at Sokcho Blue Lagoon Expo
16th : M!Countdown
18th : [RECORDING] Music Core
[FANSIGN] at Cheongju (2PM KST)
[FANSIGN] at Incheon (7PM KST)
19th : [RECORDING] Inkigayo
[FANSIGN] at Yongsan (7PM KST)
24th : [FANMEETING] At the First Fleet Park in Circular Quay (7:30 am to 9 am local time)
– K-Pop Contest in Sydney at 4PM
30th : Save the Children Charity event at Mokdong Hyundai department store at Coffe Chu from 1PM to 2PMKST
31st : [FANSIGN] at Gwangju


1st : [FANSIGN] at Jamsil
2nd : [FANSIGN] at Suwon
20th : NU’EST’s 200 days !

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