NU’EST in Malaysia

The boys have been to Malaysia the last couples of days to attend this years SHOUT! Awards. They took their flight from Incheon airport on thursday and landed at KLIA airport in Malaysia the same day. Fans had of course waited for the boys arrival at the airport and greeted them welcome.

When they arrived to their hotel room, beakho wrote on his Me2Day:
Heum…Ah ah ah We’re in Malaysia now!!!! I’m typing while lying down with Minhyun now at the hotel! Minhyun-ah say something! I’m bored~!!!!!!!! Eum…. Okay, alright Minhyun-ah! We have to go to sleep so we’ll have a good condition tomorrow!! Byeeee!

Later on, Ren twitted a picture of himself from the bathroom of their hotel room, and he wrote “What are you doing? I’m going to take a shower.”. I guess he really wanted to make every fangirls (and boys) to freak out.

Baekho also uploaded a picture from his Me2Day account. He didn’t write much, but I guess he didn’t have to, since the picture showed him almost shirtless.

The next day, NU’EST attended the press conference along with VIXX.

Ren twitted another picture of himself in front of the SHOUT! Awards scene, saying:
Hello Malaysia<3
It’s so fun and enjoyable. I’m already excited, see you in a bit<3
Hey everyone! We’re in Malaysia right now having a blast! See you guys later^^

Later on that night it was time for the show to start. NU’EST was on the red carpet before performing.




Apparently, the boys, along with VIXX, was boo’ed at under the introductions from the MC. It is said that it started when an local artist, Sam from Bunkface, booed at NU’EST and VIXX. More non-kpop fans joined him and booed also. The situation is a little unclear, but whatever happened, the Malaysian fans are really sorry for the situation that happened.

On stage, NU’EST presented “The Music Video Award”. They ended the whole show with a strong performance, performing  “FACE” and “Action”.



Translations by thenuest

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