There’s a lot of different fan sites of NU’EST out there. In the beginning it was quite few, and you didn’t need to visit that many sites to be able to stay on top on whats was going on. Now, it’s completely different. Over just a short period of time, NU’EST have experienced a growth in their popularity. Not just in Korea, but overseas to. Therefore there are hundreds of dedicated websites, Tumblr sites and Twitter accounts. So I can understand that entering the world of NU’EST as a new L.O.Λ.E could be confusing and frustrating. Who should you follow? Which on is the best? Which one is the official ones?

And that’s some of the questions I will try to answer for you. After following the boys now for almost nine months (only been doing this sites for almost three), I have gotten myself some favorites on different platforms. All from pages that brings you the latest news, the best gif’ers, photographers, to translators. And this is my favorites:

First off all, the official channels of NU’EST: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Fancafe.


Sophiavee: Only on Tumblr
This is one of the best page on Tumblr in my opinion. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s ALWAYS first out with the latest news. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big news, she’s first. Also, she is by far the best gif’er of NU’EST related things. And she shares what’s on her minds, which is always funny and interesting to read.

NU’EST International: On Twitter and has a Website
NU’EST International, from France, is an international fanbase and have an very updated website, that contains all from pictures, vidoes to the latest news. They also update their Twitter account a lot, so it’s easy to be following on the news.

NU’EST (not official): Only on Facebook
This is not the official NU’EST page on Facebook (it’s this one). Although there’s a lot of different admins running the site, so the quality of the posts varies, their always early on posting new info and other media. Their definitely the biggest non-official fan base out there.


Compass: Website
Really great pictures of all the boys, unfortunately not updated in a while.
Just For NUEST: Weibo and Twitter
Lots of pictures of the boys with regularly updates.
HoOneyJS: Website and Twitter
A place for picture of all the boys. Unfortunately not updated in a while.


ICETEA: Website and Twitter
Really beautiful pictures.
Macaron: Website
Very good pictures and regularly updated.
Aronduck: Website

Baekho Website
Probably the place with the best Baekho photos! Unfortunately the owner does not allow re-uploads to other sites.
Honey Boy: Website and Twitter
Very good pictures and regularly updated. Website
Some really great pictures of Baekho.
BaekHome: Website and Twitter
Not many pictures, but some good ones.


Ssokx30608: Website and Twitter
One of the best in taking pictures of JR, although not always the best result.
JRENeverland: Website and Twitter
Few but very good pictures. Always updated with pictures of JR and Ren.
Brightsome: Website and Twitter
Very good pictures, unfortunately the website and twitter haven’t been updated on a long time, but some nice pictures from the debut times.
Junior Royal: Website and Twitter
Mainly focus on JR, but also pictures of the other boys. Also a lot of videos from different events. Unfortunately not much updated.
JR Time: Website and Twitter
At the moment is the site under construction.


HuangMinYeon: Website and Twitter
Absolutely the best pictures of Minhyun. Always a lot of pictures and regularly updated.
Muse: Website and Twitter
Some of the most beautiful pictures of Minhyun.
CrispyFantasy: Website and Twitter
As in the name, really crispy pictures of Minhyun. And regularly updated.
Hwang Prince: Website and Twitter
It’s been a long time since update, but there’s some good old photos here.


staREN: Website and Twitter
Simply beautiful pictures of Ren, no words.
SweetDream: Website and Twitter
Really good pictures that’s quite regularly updated.
JRENeverland: Website and Twitter
Few but very good pictures. Always updated with pictures of JR and Ren.
SnowLotus: Website and Twitter
A dedicated photographer with updated pictures. Website and Twitter
Good pictures that’s being updated regularly.
SkySky: Website and Twitter
Vitamin: Website and Twitter

THENUEST: On Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube
What would we do without THENUEST? THENUEST is the one EVERY love’s is counting on to translate from korean to english. It doesn’t matter is it’s a tweet from NU’EST, a letter on their Facebook page or to subbing whole episodes of different TV-shows. This is the number one reliable source for accurate translations.

Fiingy: Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo
What would we do without Fiingy? Seriously? Fiingy is responsible for getting hands on video material and uploads it to YouTube.

Argentina: Facebook and Twitter
Australia: Twitter
Brazil: Website and Twitter
Chile: Facebook and Twitter
China: Website and Twitter
Colombia: Facebook and Twitter
Ecuador: Facebook and Twitter
France: Website and Twitter
Hungary: Twitter
Indonesia: Website and Twitter
Italy: Website and Twitter
Malaysia: Twitter
Mexico: Website, Facebook and Twitter
Peru: Website and Twitter
Philippines: Website and Twitter
Poland: Website and Twitter
Romania: Facebook and Twitter
Singapore: Website and Twitter
Spain: Facebook and Twitter
Thailand: Facebook and Twitter
United Kingdom: Website and Twitter
United States of America: Twitter
Venezuela: Twitter
Vietnam: Facebook and Twitter


If you have other sites you wan’t to tell me about, tell me! Or do you run a site that you want me to share on this page, let me know! We can never have to many fan sites^^ Big or small, it doesn’t matter.


If some information is wrong, please let me know.



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