130115 [Twitter] @NUESTNEWS update

Ren nuest twitter choi minki

[TWITTER] 130115 – @NUESTNEWS update

Looks like Ren is doing some vocals on one of their upcoming songs, even tho he has the flu that poor thing

“On the day of recording, The message that written on Ren’s hand who’s suffering from flu “You can do it! Fighting Choi REN!” ㅠ_ㅠ….
Applause for Ren who cast a spell to himself while doing his best!!”

“녹음이 있던 날, 감기로 고생하던 렌의 손에 써져 있던 글 “할수있다! 파이팅 최REN!” ㅠ_ㅠ….
아픈 스스로에게 주문을 걸며 끝까지 최선을 다한 REN에게 박수!!”
Translation by thenuest

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